For you, and those you love.

Sexuality is a normal, healthy, and positive aspect of human life. Virginia Mae King Foundation believes that everyone has the right to information and services that will help them be sexually healthy. We aim to provide resources and information that is reliable, science-based, and stigma-free. VMKF will help individuals get screenings, examinations, and treatments with quality healthcare providers. One of our target areas for ages 14-26 years old, is for them to make the right sexual health decisions involving their bodies when it comes to having sexual intercourse. VMKF will be promoting events to educate communities, high schools, and collegiate level students on how to stay safe. Our goal is to prevent and become more aware of sexually transmitted diseases that can be encountered daily in our lives. Early treatment, examinations, and confidential screenings will assist individuals with a healthier outcome for STDs.


STDs are quite common. In addition to HIV, there are dozens of other types of sexually transmitted diseases. Often there are no symptoms, at least not at first. Left untreated, STDs can cause serious health issues.

The good news is all STDs, including HIV, are treatable, and many are curable.

To know for sure, ask to be tested.

Here are some common STDs…

. A Bacterial Infection
. Often No Symptoms
. Statistics Estimated 1.7 Million Cases A Year

. A bacterial Infection
. Often No Symptoms
. Statistics Estimated 580,000 Cases A Year

. A Virus That Attacks the Immune System
. No Symptoms Initially
. No Cure, Treatable with Antiretroviral Drugs
. Estimated 1.2 Million Living with HIV/AIDS

. A Virus Affecting the Mouth and/or Genitals
. Can Cause Blistery Sores
. No Cure, Outbreaks Managed with Prescription Medication
. Statistics Estimated 1 in 6 People Ages 14 to 49 has Genital Herpes

. A Bacterial Infection
. Symptoms May Come and Go, Including Sores
. If Left Untreated Can Cause Permanent Damage
. Statistics Estimated 35,000 Cases a Year

. A Parasitic Infection
. Usually No Symptoms, Causes Vaginitis
. Results in Discharge and Irritation
. Statistics Estimated 3.7 Million within the US