Virginia Mae King Foundation will promote public awareness and education within the communities with individuals suffering from this inherited disease and improve their quality of life.  Suffering from this chronic disorder patients require continuity of care throughout their lives and individuals carrying the Sickle Cell Trait often are unaware that their children are at risk for the disease.  By advocating and providing resources for healthcare, screenings, medication, and care in a patient home this will ensure that individuals diagnosed with the disease receive appropriate follow-up services including counseling, and other support services.  The primary community focus will be families of individuals identified with sickle cell disease through newborn screening, however all individuals with SCD will be included.  Contact us today, we are here for you.

The Sickle Cell Information Center

Understanding the Importance of Sickle Cell Disease

SCD occurs in 1 out of every 365 Black or African American births.  1 in 13 Black or African American babies born with sickle cell trait and occurs among 1 out of every 16,300 Hispanic American births. Sickle Cell Disease affects approximately 100,000 Americans yearly.  Signs of the disease is usually diagnosed during the first year of life, around 5 months of age.  Symptoms and complications of the disease is different for each person and can be from mild to severe.  Treatment options are different for each person depending on the symptoms.